Natural Ways to Stop Snoring

nullIf you share a bed snoring can present major problems for both you and your partner.

Anybody who has had to endure another person’s snoring knows how difficult it can be to fall asleep. This can put a significant strain on the relationship.

It can also disrupt the sleep of the person who is snoring and lead to further health problems. Here you will learn some simple natural ways to stop snoring so that you and your partner can enjoy a good nights sleep.

Blocked Nasal Cavities
Firstly one of the major reasons why we snore is because of blocked nasal cavities. There can be a number of reasons for a blocked nasal cavity but one of the most common ones is the because of a cold. Because we are unable to breathe freely through our nose we open our mouth wider to bring in more air.

This great flow of air dries out the membranes and tissue of the air passage. When the air passage becomes dry it causes a vibrating sound which is what we refer to as snoring. In order to address this problem we need to make sure that the naval passages are properly lubricated. This allows air to flow through here and stops the air passage from drying out. This will minimize vibrations and stop snoring sounds.

Colds are another common cause of opening our mouths too widely and drying out our air passages, causing us to snore. Once the cold clears up, the snoring should cease.

Sleep Position
Another reason that we do this is because of the position that we sleep. If we sleep on our back, our mouth tends to relax and open. Again this causes too much air to flow in and dries out the air passage. Instead of lying on your back try lying on your side or face downwards.

This will stop your mouth opening as widely. If you have the habit of lying on your back you may need to take measures to overcome this habit. You can do this by placing a tennis ball in your pyjamas. If you roll onto your back the tennis ball will stick into you and you will be uncomfortable. After a while you will naturally start to sleep on your side.

Another way of achieving the same thing is to sleep on your side and place a pillow between your legs. This will help to stop you from rolling over onto your back during the night.

Try a Nasal Separator
Another way to stop snoring is to use a nasal separator. These look a little like a nasal plug but instead of blocking nostrils they widen them. This allows more air to flow in and stops you from opening your mouth in order to compensate for reduced air flow.

Lifestyle Changes
These are also important for many people if they want to stop snoring. Two of the biggest causes of snoring are smoking and being overweight. Both of these cause obstructions to your breathing and cause you to open your mouth more widely and consequently snore.

There are many health benefits to be gained by discovering a successful natural cure that works and helps someone stop snoring.

Establish a healthy weight and diet
Even being a few pounds overweight can cause snoring. Fat in the vicinity of the neck can squeeze the airways which will prevent the free flow of air into the throat.
Try not to consume alcohol just before bedtime
During a normal night’s sleep alcohol will lead to the muscles relaxing more than normal. The additional muscle relaxation leads to the back of the throat collapsing more readily, which then leads to snoring.
Try sleeping on one side and not your back.
When asleep on your back, the chin relaxes restricting the airways. If you sleep on one side you should prevent this.

Stop or cut back on smoking

Smoke from cigarettes aggravates the throat and nasal cavity lining, and this leads to inflammation and catarrh. Once the airways in the nose are blocked, it becomes harder to breathe through your nasal passages because the flow of air is restricted.

Breathe in through your nose. It is important that you should keep your nasal passages clear. Put a couple of drops of olbas or eucalyptus oil on your pillow. If your nose is blocked due to an allergy, try a nasal spray or antihistamine tablets. If you become afflicted by a condition or allergy that irritates and restricts your breathing visit your local pharmacy for advice.

Not only will this benefit the sufferer, but also their partner.

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